Compiling files in a git repo

So I decided to improve the way that that you can access some of the repos that I am hosting on this server, including the code that I use to compile the site itself. I quickly hacked together a bit of code in my existing build.py to clone a list of repos and go through and generate a html pages for each of the files in the repo.

Although this means that this is only a static view of the repo at any time (needing me to rebuild the site for it to update) I can easily add any git repo to be built into my site, so as you may see, I have added a few repos from my github as well.

I tried using cgit, but it just didn't provide exactly what I wanted and I wasn't in the mood to try configuring it to my liking, so I opted for this approach instead.

A way that I can improve it is to serve a http server that dynamically updates the repositories when new commits are added, which would probably be a better solution; but this works.. for now.

If you want to view all of the repos that I've listed so far, click the link at the top of the page. (sorry that the index is still the default nginx autoindex, I will change that at some point), and feel free to check out how I did it in build.py, and feel free to check out how I did it in build.py, though Im warning you, its probably some of the hackiest code i've put together.

Tutorial on how to host your own git repos on your server and allow people to clone them with https may be coming soon