LibreX - a metasearch engine

My instance: search.davidovski.xyz

For a while now I have been using SearX as my search engine, a meta search engine that cumulates search results from multiple different sites. While this is a great idea in theory, making the best of all search engines through one privacy respecting interface, in reality it ends up meaning that search results are quite slow. Couple this with the fact that most SearX instances are hosted by volunteers, and often have downtime, I was in the situation where I was hopping between various instances to try and find ones that worked. I always wanted to self host one myself, but the whole system seemed very bloated and complicated, and honestly I just couldn't be bothered to mess around with it.

That's where LibreX comes in, a very small and simple meta search engine. Its still in development, but currently it has just enough functionality to actually be somewhat useful. Currently it only really supports google searches, but it still is a good layer for privacy, since all of your queries are anonymised, with google only seeing that they came from LibreX. I am curious to see how well it will handle larger amounts of search queries and if Google will limit them or something. If you want to support development, feel free to use it, find bugs and request features: View the github repo