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Scroll anywhere in your x11 environment by clicking and dragging!


This program was heavily inspired by the browser extension scroll anywhere.

How to install



How to use

A binary has now been created in your anyscroll directory. To run it, type ./anyscroll. If you want it to run on startup, add ./anyscroll to your startup.

And thats it! simply hold down you middle mouse button and move your mouse up or down to scroll.

Note: there is currently a feature in many linux distros where the middle mouse button copies from your clipboard. This can be ignored in most websites or apps, but sometimes it can get pretty annoying. I am working to fix this issue, and if you have a solution, please contribute.


This project is still being actively developed and has many more features coming soon.

How to contribute

To contribute, you can open a new pull request on GitHub, and if I like the code, I will accept it.


The code is registered under the GPL license, making it open-source. Please read the license to understand what you can and cannot do with this software.

This repo has been compiled for web view on Mon, 23 May 2022 22:37:46 and may not be the latest version

Clone this repo: git clone https://github.com/davidovski/anyscroll.git